Development Financing

Getting your development off the ground

We can help with: Residential Development, Commercial Development, Mixed use Development, Conversions and Refurbishments, Planning gain, Sales Period Funding

Over the years we have developed a network of leading and diverse finance providers, and understand who to approach to find the most favourable terms to meet your specific requirements. We construct financial packages for a wide range of projects, from commercial property builds and residential builds, to large scale retail park developments.

With our unique relationship with our lenders, we can often build finance packages that have a higher degree of flexibility. This means in most cases a higher loan to gross development value and a higher loan to cost, resulting in minimal developer’s cash contribution to a project

Quick deals and a professional approach

We are well-known for its expertise in arranging property development finance deals, having helped hundreds of property developers and investors achieve their goals. We arrange everything on your behalf and take the stress out of securing the right funding for your project.

Key Features

  • Up to 75% LTGDV
  • Up to 100% of development costs and professional fees covered
  • Joint venture and equity available
  • Terms from 1 month to 5 years
  • No upfront fees
  • Adverse credit accepted
  • Rates from 2.5%

Guaranteed Lowest Rate

Why use development finance?

Even if you are in the fortunate position of being able to fund a development project yourself, there are still clear advantages to using development finance for at least a proportion of the costs. 

Advantages of using development finance:

  • Development finance enables you to take on larger projects than you would otherwise be in a financial position to consider, increasing your potential profits
  • Avoids tying up a substantial proportion of your cash until the project is sold.
  • By utilising development finance, you may be able to undertake multiple projects simultaneously, or avoid having to wait until an existing project is sold, or is fully sold, before commencing your next development. Using finance can help avoid missing out on your next project or other potentially great opportunities.
  • Your actual return on investment rate (ROI) will be greater if you are putting in less capital.  Although you will have the cost of the financing to pay from your profits, the actual rate of return on the amount that you have personally invested will be higher.


We believe in the best possible service, for both yourself and your client. We will guarantee that your client will have the lowest possible rate for their circumstances.

With access to a wide range of lenders, we can offer the very best rates available,

  • Finance rates from 5% APR
  • High acceptance rates
  • Professional help

The development finance process

The stages of development finance

  • Enquiry – Free Advice
  • Agreement in Principle – Indicative Terms
  • Development Site Visit
  • Valuation
  • Formal Loan Offer
  • Solicitors
  • Completion – First Drawdown
  • Drawdowns to fund build costs
  • Redemption – Usually when the development is sold or refinanced

How much can I borrow?

When looking at how much you can borrow you will need to factor in:

  • land costs
  • Development costs
  • Lender fees – set up fees, exit fees
  • Professional costs – solicitors, surveyors, etc
  • Contingency costs

You can normally borrow 70% of the land/site cost and 100% of the build cost.

Refurbishment, restoration and property conversions

Different lenders will have their own definition of light and heavy refurbishment, but generally:

  • Light refurbishment – mainly aesthetic rather than structural changes to the property. For example: new kitchen, bathroom, windows and central heating.
  • Heavy refurbishment or renovation – involving things like new plumbing, electrics, moving internal walls, partial demolition and rebuild, extensions, attic conversions and converting a property into apartments/flats.

Ground up development projects

Development finance can be used to finance both the land purchase, and also the build costs.

The highest loan to value development finance plans will fund up to 70% of the land cost and 100% of the build costs, provided the loan amount does not exceed 70% of the gross development value.

However, facilities that offer as much as 70% of the land cost and 100% of the build cost, are specialist. Therefore, their interest rates, set up and exit fees, usually all carry a premium, along with also having stricter underwriting criteria.

To obtain the best deals it is best to restrict development finance facilities to 60% of the land cost and 100% of the build cost.

An example of ground up development finance

A plot of land with planning permission to build four, three bed detached houses. The land can be purchased for £250,000 and the cost to build all four houses will be £400,000.

The estimated value of each house is £250,000 meaning a Gross Development Value (GDV) of (4 x £250,000) £1,000,000.

Development finance can be used to raise up to 70% of the land cost = £175,000 and all of the build cost.

Therefore, a facility would be set up for £575,000 (net).  The initial release would be for £175,000 and used to help fund the purchase of the land. 

The remaining £400,000 will be released in stages as the build progresses.

With most facilities interest is only charged on funds that have been drawn.

Why use us?

  • We have the experience to see the deal through to drawdown
  • Dedicated Development team
  • 100% of build costs funded
  • Up to 75% of land purchase price and 100% with additional security
  • Funding from £50,000 with no upper limit
  • We are whole of market so can get the best deal for your development
  • No upfront application fee
  • Shortlisted as Best Development Broker in the UK


Whether you are:

  • An experienced developer
  • Looking to develop your first property
  • Buying at auction to refurbish and flip for a profit
  • Building a property portfolio
  • Part way through a development and in need of funds to complete
  • Converting an office block to residential under PDR
  • Developing student pods